Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Bible Color Coding Ideas

Just wanted to share two new ways I have been highlighting my bibles. I am almost done with my NKJV which I shared previously how I highlighted it and my NIV I am done with. I have been reading the KJV and the Complete Jewish Bible, along with the NKJV.
For the CJB I highlight by color...who, what, when and where, why and how. And purple, I always use to highlight God or Christ.  So far, I think this is my least favorite way to highlight but I like that it makes me slow down and take more in.

Now this is my KJV (below). T
I have verse number codes for various things.
 I can not really show you what each one means but I can tell you what I mark: promises, unfulfilled prophecy, fulfilled prophecy, Christian trials, rapture or 2nd coming related, doctrines, Mosaic Law/Torah, one in Christ (Jew and Gentile), salvation, encouragement, sin/things to avoid, the last days, what we can do through christ, family/womanhood, trinity, res/death on cross and salvation by grace.

So I did this a little different than I usually do, I divided it rather than using the same code for the entire bible.
PINK- commands God gives
YELLOW- reasoning/why He asked
GREEN-action taken by person/people
BLUE-result of the action

GREEN-what did Jesus do
PINK-what did Jesus teach
YELLOW-what did He call Himself

GREEN-past (what He has done for us)
PINK- present (what we need to do)
BLUE-future (prophecies and promises)

I also outline what I believe to be theme or key verses in orange.

I hope this blesses someone out there. God bless! Keep repenting, stay ready at all times for the Master comes at a time we know not!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How I find scripture easier!

(This is my previous bible, FYI.) I sectioned off scripture so it was easier to find. Not only that but the color coded highlighting I used which I explained in a previous blog post (about 2-3 back) helps me locate scripture a lot easier.
My writing is bigger so it is easier to look at compared to the small headings they give plus I can personalize it and sometimes I find that it should be further divided.

Here is Chapter 6 of Revelation divided by seals.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marking your bible for easier evangelism.

 I thought this was an efficient way to explain the gospel and salvation to someone by doing a step by step in my bible, rather than having to search for the scriptures from the top of my head when the time came.
So first I open my bible to a blank page in the front and wrote Plan of Salvation: John 3:16. So I remember I am to start there. Right next to John 3:16 I write the next scripture I am to go with a (PS) before it and a hint as to what it is so I can explain as I go. Then I flip to that scripture that I wrote down and do the same thing until I get to the end. So here is the scriptures I chose.

John 3:13... Romans 6:23 wages of sin
Romans 6:23....Hebrews 9:22 law says we need bloodshed
Hebrews 9:22...1 Peter 1:19 blood of Christ without spot
1 Peter 1:19...Matthew 1:23 born of a virgin
Matthew 1:23...Hebrews 7:27 final sacrifice
Hebrews 7:27...Romans 10:9 how to be saved
Romans 10:9...Acts 2:38 repent...
Acts 2:38      I write down (PS) END.
Here is an example starting from 1 Peter 1:9...I went to the verse and then wrote down the next verse in line Matthew 1:23.

Now at Matthew 1:23, I write down Hebrews 7:27 and so forth.

So what I would say would be something like this: God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who would believe in Him would have everlasting life. The bible tells us in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death so how can we have eternal life? In Hebrews 9:22 we see that the old testament tells us that we need blood for the remission of our sins and we also know from the old testament that the sacrifice had to be without spot. 1 Peter 1:19 says that Christ was without spot and that he was that blood. He was born of a virgin (Matthew 1:23) and was sin free. He was that final sacrifice as stated in Hebrews 7:27 so we no longer need any more blood. His was sufficient. So how can receive this free gift and be saved? Romans 10:9 tells us that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts that God raised Christ from the dead, we are saved. Then Acts 2:38 tells us we are to repent and be baptized and that we will receive the gift of the holy spirit. 

CREDIT FOR THIS IDEA (which I made my own):

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How I mark my bible...

Marking prophecies of Christ: I underline the scripture with purple and a cross beside it. I use purple to underline anything about the Godhead in scripture.
As you can see in the second picture, I put a purple square around the verse with the prophecy and write next to them the scripture where the prophecy is at.
Scriptures of prayer/praise:, I highlight the chapter in orange and then the specific scripture numbers in orange,

Holy Spirit moments: I just started doing this but when I feel the Holy Spirit strongly while reading scripture, I now mark the verse number with a cloud around it with purple, same color used to underline things about God.

Color coded highlighting: This is great for going back and looking up scripture.
Purple underline=the God head

In my previous bible I used a different color code, as follows:
Purple=God's Character
I used crayola twistables to highlight so I highlighted the purple but I prefer to underline the purple because sometimes the scripture can be about God and faith or another subject.

Scripture I memorize: I put a half square type bracket at the beginning and the end of the scripture I have memorized or have on my memorization list.
Scripture I love: I put a pink heart beside my favorite verses.        

Scriptures I underline and circle: I underline everything related to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in purple. I square traits of the Godhead or things that they do/have done.
I circle things we should do as Christians or commands in pink (same color I highlight love/discipleship in it).
I underline all things we should avoid such as sin and satan in red.

General Information: I mostly use this in the gospels,  the Torah and books of history (such as 1 Kings). I underline all important people or highlights of the story in green.


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