Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How I organize my purse

Here is what is inside my purse:
Epi-pens: My son is severely allergic to peanuts and cats so this is a must have.
Pepper Spray: Just in case.
Jesus tracts: Yes, I leave this in random places. Jesus commanded we spread the gospel and I am shy so this is the easy way for me to do it.
Hand/face wipes: Mostly for my 4 year old.
My silver glitter wallet
Breath mints
Sunblock stick
Store coupon organizer
Food coupon organizer (used to carry around a binder this is so much easier.)
Pink Makeup Bag: contents below
Grey striped Thirty one zipper pouch: My plum paper planner. Read about it here.

The pill box I got from Target in the dollar spot. I have each section labeled and how many to take. My kids are only a year apart so they have same dose. I obviously have benadryl for my son, as well as stomach medicine and tylenol. And for my self (I suffer from chronic pain), ibuprofen. 

And here is what is inside that pouch. Hand salve, compact mirror, hair ties, tampon, tweezers, heart burn medicine and kids band-aids. 

This system is so much easier than having everything just dumped into my purse and having to dig for it. My purse has a cell phone pocket and another pocket for keys so I know where everything is at.

Inside my plum paper planner

Most people don't know it but I LOVE planners and those within the planning community will know what I mean when I say, I think I found my planner peace!

Presenting my plum paper planner...

Above is the new cover I printed and put on, below is one I chose from their options. First off, the paper is so luxurious. I had heard this but I never thought a paper could feel so luxurious and it really does! The coil and tabs are strong, too.

The great thing about PPP is they have 5 different layout options and different kinds of planners: Wedding, Teacher, Etc. Mine is the Family planner. It lets me customize 7 different sections in the weekly spread. They also have some similar to Erin Condren where you can have the morning, noon and night option,

I use the weekly note section for my scripture memory verse and the weekly checklist for weekly cleaning items.

I then added on a to-do list section for each month. I covered one with the stickers that you can add on and am using it for goals. While I keep the backside the same. You can see how I use them below.

 I added on the home section (which you can view on their etsy site which I will give a link to at the bottom).

And the fitness section which includes more than shown. It also includes a first page where you write your starting measurements, weight, goals, plan, etc, And then a last page which is a weight chart.

The planners start at 31.00 and each add on is 1.50-4.50 more. You can purchase them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlumPaperDesigns?section_id=12769506&ref=shopsection_leftnav_9.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Organizing photo cards

Organizing Photo Cards

So I just took the Avery mini card holders and then cut index cards to fit using my insurance card to trace and measure them out. I then went through all of the photo cards and wrote down just what was on them.

My thinking was that if I ever wanted to go print off some photos I could take them to the store with me and easily find the photos I was looking for.

What I have them in is this old Mead Organizher made for shopping and coupons. Here is what it looks like:

Hope that helps and as always, God bless!

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