Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How I organize my purse

Here is what is inside my purse:
Epi-pens: My son is severely allergic to peanuts and cats so this is a must have.
Pepper Spray: Just in case.
Jesus tracts: Yes, I leave this in random places. Jesus commanded we spread the gospel and I am shy so this is the easy way for me to do it.
Hand/face wipes: Mostly for my 4 year old.
My silver glitter wallet
Breath mints
Sunblock stick
Store coupon organizer
Food coupon organizer (used to carry around a binder this is so much easier.)
Pink Makeup Bag: contents below
Grey striped Thirty one zipper pouch: My plum paper planner. Read about it here.

The pill box I got from Target in the dollar spot. I have each section labeled and how many to take. My kids are only a year apart so they have same dose. I obviously have benadryl for my son, as well as stomach medicine and tylenol. And for my self (I suffer from chronic pain), ibuprofen. 

And here is what is inside that pouch. Hand salve, compact mirror, hair ties, tampon, tweezers, heart burn medicine and kids band-aids. 

This system is so much easier than having everything just dumped into my purse and having to dig for it. My purse has a cell phone pocket and another pocket for keys so I know where everything is at.


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