Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Bible Color Coding Ideas

Just wanted to share two new ways I have been highlighting my bibles. I am almost done with my NKJV which I shared previously how I highlighted it and my NIV I am done with. I have been reading the KJV and the Complete Jewish Bible, along with the NKJV.
For the CJB I highlight by color...who, what, when and where, why and how. And purple, I always use to highlight God or Christ.  So far, I think this is my least favorite way to highlight but I like that it makes me slow down and take more in.

Now this is my KJV (below). T
I have verse number codes for various things.
 I can not really show you what each one means but I can tell you what I mark: promises, unfulfilled prophecy, fulfilled prophecy, Christian trials, rapture or 2nd coming related, doctrines, Mosaic Law/Torah, one in Christ (Jew and Gentile), salvation, encouragement, sin/things to avoid, the last days, what we can do through christ, family/womanhood, trinity, res/death on cross and salvation by grace.

So I did this a little different than I usually do, I divided it rather than using the same code for the entire bible.
PINK- commands God gives
YELLOW- reasoning/why He asked
GREEN-action taken by person/people
BLUE-result of the action

GREEN-what did Jesus do
PINK-what did Jesus teach
YELLOW-what did He call Himself

GREEN-past (what He has done for us)
PINK- present (what we need to do)
BLUE-future (prophecies and promises)

I also outline what I believe to be theme or key verses in orange.

I hope this blesses someone out there. God bless! Keep repenting, stay ready at all times for the Master comes at a time we know not!


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