Monday, April 16, 2012

my home management binder and meal planner

I used scrapbook paper to make it look spiffy. I made my orginal home made binder into two so here are the sections I currently have: to do, finances, housekeeping and contacts.

Here is my homemade daily page... I have a Sunday-Saturday. A page for each day of the week so that I can have my weekly chores listed on their proper day. I also have dinner; a daily checklist for time with God, excercise and water count; appointments and numbers to call; daily to do list (which does not include my duhs like sweep and dishes); something to pray about; scripture to memorize, kids daily activity (education and fun with kids); a personal, financial, relational and ministry line to place items I want or need to do for the following and a grateful section because God has given me a lot to be grateful for!

Here is my weekly budget (also homemade) where I put out income for the week and take off all of the bills and other debits Then I see how much we have leftover to spend and I can note anything else we might need or want to spend money on at the time. I also have a monthly budget and financial goal pages in there.

Another homemade page. It is my important contact list.

Here is a stain removal guide I got via (which rocks!!). I also have homemade cleaners which I got from the internet and from all you magazine.

Now onto my MEAL planning binder! I have to pockets [made from scrapbook paper] one for sales ads and another for coupons I am going to be using for the week.

Below you can see my tabs for cookbooks F-J, ect. which are basically "Recipes I want to try" from my cookbooks categorized by name of cookbook.
Below you can my tabs organized by category...they are basically recipes I have printed out from the internet or torn out of magazines. I have them all together in a clear page. I just look through them when I am looking for a meal. To put them all in a clear page would mean a bigger binder and more clear pages. (I love magazines!)

Now onto my personal binder which I do not have the cover of but my tabs are: faith, goals, challenges (you can see three examples below and this includes my random acts of kindness ideas) and other which includes blog ideas and kid activities (as seen in the last picture). I love pinterest and I was glad I was able to collect all the kid activities/crafts and put them in a binder so I can implement them into my family's daily life.

In my faith section I have prayer request page to track what I requested of God and how or when it was answered. I have scripture memorization page and bible study logs.

Soon I will show you my project binder and my dream home binder (which is not yet done) and I can show you some more organizing for my kitchen and toys! Thanks for looking!


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