Monday, March 19, 2012

Pantry makeover!

First off my new floor!! The first picture of course is the new floor. My vacuum broke and I was having to sweep the carpet with a broom. Did not work very well. Well I ended up getting a new floor instead of a vacuum... I have a small vacuum I can use for the master bedroom. I am so excited...with kids carpet does not last very long!
And on the bottom pic is my youngest son... his cute little smile!

Now for the pantry... here is my horrible before. My pantry was home built and it is not done yet, as you can see.

And here is the after...

Thanks to some help from Wal-Mart and the wonderful Better Homes and Gardens containers this is how my pantry ended up the way it did. I just need to work on the labels.
I got them from the aisle with canning items they cost 3-8 dollars. (8 dollars for the tall ones you see here). I spent about 175.00 for all of the ones you see here and in my cupboard (there are some stacked behind what you see).

And below my cupboard, now my baking cupboard... I moved the cans and there will be more on that new system later. I also have to redo my spices so don't think i think that is organized. The first clear container at the top has my cupcake decorating stuff (the tips, stencils, etc.) and the second has jellos and bakers chocolate. And in my spice area, I have one of those 3 level spice organizers which is a total life saver when trying to look for stuff.


BHG suggests having a basket for each day of the weeks food and adding the food/ingredients you need for that day.

Some people have a pantry where they can mix and stir their items inside the pantry so you do not see the mess on the countertops...genius idea, if you have the room!

Spices in baby food jars fit nicely in a drawer! 

Better Homes and Gardens has free labels for you pantry like the ones shown:

I love how this pantry has everything labeled and condensed into one gives you so much more room, as you can see with my pantry!

I challenge you to clean out you pantry and make room for less processed foods; to organize you pantry in a way that will work for you; to organize your pantry so you can streamline cooking! Remember you can scout out dollar stores for some of these organization items you see.
Good luck!


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