Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Mangament Binder

A homemanagement binder is what many women use to help more effeciently manage their home.
Here are the dividers I have in my binder (but you may want to change yours up) and what is in them.
  • My daily routine, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly cleaning lists
  • Spring cleaning and fall cleaning pages
  • Home projects such as a new bathroom and their costs
  • Homemade cleaner recipes
  • Daily declutter calendar
  • 30 days to clean calendar (from the E-book) 
  • Money plan notes
  • My savings page where I keep track of our savings
  • Monthly budget as an estimate
  • Bills due page
  • Weekly budget because my husband gets paid weekly and it is not always the same
  • Prayer journal
  • Bible Verses(for memorization)
  • List of random acts of kindness
  • The first letter of the begining of every line of Proverbs 31 for memorization
  • Emergency Information
  • Family tradition page per month (per Partow's book again)
  • Contact information
  • Online passwords
  • Birthdates
  • Emergency Kit checklist
  • "The Husband Project," checklist which I typed up myself.
  • Wedded Bliss Challenge, also typed up myself from the Suzie Homemaker group on CafeMom.
Most people have meal plans as a tab in their binder but I am a magazine lover and always rip out recipes from them so it has is its own binder. I will go into detail about mine later with pictures. I think it might be my SD card that is messed up on my computer but it is hard to tell because my FIL dropped one of my cameras and broke the screen and the screen on the other one just went out. :(
And here is a list of free printables via my pinterest:
Here is a lsit of some that may not be listed there:
  • (they have free ones under organizher and for mom)
  • organizedhome
  • -has tons of printables from all over the web...this site is amazing
I am SO happy I made my HMB...I use it everyday for different things. I love have everything in one place.

I have a daily routine page... it is basically my morning routine and evening routine. Here is what mine looks like:
Wake up
Get Dressed
Brush Teeth
Bible Study
Eat Breakfast and Check Facebook/Pinterest/Email
Pickup anything left from last night
Take out meat for dinner

Do lunch dishes
Sweep floor
Clean table
Do any extra cleaning or organizing project

Quick pick up
Prepare dinner
Eat dinner
Do dinner dishes
Wipe down counters
Sweep floor

Then I have a daily extra cleaning schedule or room concentration schedule:
M- Kitchen
T- Mop & Fridge
F-Living Room including under couches
S-Organization/Catch Up/Grocery Shopping
S- Rest Day/ Avon order goes in

Then you should write a monthly schedule for things that need done only once or twice a month.
Mine looks like this:

Week 1: Clean out fridge
Week 2: Clean out car
Week 3: Clean out fridge
Week 4: Clean yard and front porch

And then a yearly plan one which to be honest, I have not started by I would do it by month. You can include things like changing out clothes for seasons.
Don't forget soon I will go over my meal planner binder, project binder and dream home binder (real simple to make). Have a great day and God bless.


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